October 6, 2012

Yoga Life in Our Home

Although Yoga Life Studio closed its doors yesterday (insert sad face here), parts of it will continue to live on, not only in people's hearts and memories, but also...
...IN. MY. HOUSE.!

Although Sara and her husband loaded up most of the things from the shala in their own truck, there were a few things that they neither wanted nor needed.  So, as we finished packing up, Sara offered to give us several things for FREE.  Among them were:
  • several Yoga Life t-shirts for Bo and I;
  • a fancy shmancy (Yes, that IS a word!) paper towel holder;
  • a decorative wall display; and
  • a large, L-shaped desk.

Perhaps the best thing we received was the desk.  We have been in dire need of a desk for months now, and just haven't had the money to spend on one.  In fact, we purchased the desk that we have been using for the past year from Craig's List for just $30.00 (including the desk chair).  Needless to say, it's not the most sturdy desk I have ever come across.  

Case in point:

Oh, did I forget to mention that it is BRIGHT. LIME. GREEN.?!  
Honestly, how could I be so forgetful?...Hahaha!

The point is, we needed a desk; and amazingly, one just came into our lives at no cost at all!  
Isn't Divine timing just amazing?!

This desk allows us to really spread out and not be so cramped.  

Additionally, Bo now has a perfect place to spread out all of his books and study.  No more hogging the living room coffee table and not allowing me to watch TV while he is studying!

Plenty of breathing leg room.

And an extra office chair in the corner...you know, just in case we both need to look at the computer at the same time Bo needs a place to put his backpack!

As I mentioned earlier, we also got a fancy shmancy paper towel holder!  It's the perfect place to display my antique tea pots, don't you think?!

Sidenote:  I can't wait to live in a kitchen that isn't white.  Then this paper towel holder - among other things - will really shine!

Finally, Sara let me take home one of the mandalas that had been hanging on a wall in the studio.  Now it's hanging over our TV in the living room.

Whether it is the desk that I sit at every day, the paper towel holder that I pull from various times a day, or the mandala that I gaze upon on my wall, I will never forget my time at Yoga Life Studio.  From the students, to my fellow teachers, to Sara, to all of the memories of sweat, tears, struggle, and love, Yoga Life will always and forever be in my heart.

Question of the Day:

Have you ever received hand-me-down furniture or decor?  If so, what?!  Did it serve you well?!

Ally and Bo


  1. My Whole house is One big Hand-me down or Yard sale..And Personally I wouldn't have it any other way. Each Piece holds a memory[ies]. and they bring me such joy and warmth!!!Glad for your new additions to the Behne household!

    1. One day, I hope that our house has the same feeling of "home" and "heritage" as yours does, Mom.