October 15, 2011

"About" Us and the Joys of Coloring

First things first: Check out our new "About" page!  We worked hard on it, and we hope you will enjoy learning a little bit more about us and our journey to blogging.

Now, on to more important things...like coloring.

I am a professional colorer.  Just ask Bo; he will confirm it!

I have honed my coloring skills from a very young age.  When I was a little girl I spent many a summer's days at my Mee Maw and Pee Paw Hudson's house.  One of our favorite passed-times was coloring.  Pee Paw always graded our creations, and he was sure to always give me an A+++ and my Mee Maw an F---.  Don't worry, I always remembered to assure my Mee Maw that "F" stood for fantastic! :)

Since then, my love of coloring has matured.  Now I color in adult books, such as:

Over time,I have cultivated a personal coloring style.  I always use both crayons and markers. 

The markers are used to outline the perimeter of an object, whereas the crayons are used to fill-in the object.  This particular technique takes quite a bit more time, but I think the final project is worth it.  The colors POP!  Take a look at these (Bo has nicknamed the left one "The Beatles" and the right one "Electricity"):

And this one (which Bo has nicknamed "Aztec"):

Recently, I have been coloring mandalas.  The word mandala originates from Sanskrit and means "circle."  Mandalas represent wholeness; and personally speaking, remind me of my relationship to God.  It's interesting to realize that mandalas are around us all of the time in the form of the earth, sun, moon, and our conceptual circles of friends, family, and community.

In our bedroom, Bo and I have hung a grouping of 16 mandalas as a headboard.  I have to give Bo credit for figuring out how to display my work.  He did an awesome job!  Check it out:

Sorry for the imperfect pictures...I am quite the amateur photographer.

Confession time:  I don't always color sophisticated adult mandalas.  Here is a sample of some of my other work...hehehe. :)

One day, when Bo and I have children, I hope to color a dozen or two Disney pictures and use them to decorate the nursery.  It will be such a fun project for our little one!  Until then, I will just keep practicing!

Tomorrow - how to roast a red bell pepper (a first for me!).

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite creative hobbies? 

Ally and Bo

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