December 9, 2012

Technical Difficulties

First things first, as you have undoubtedly noticed, I am encountering some pretty major technical difficulties with the blog.  When I went to write my most recent post, I was informed that I my blog had outgrown its alloted 1GB of Blogger space.  After paying a fee to update my GB space, all of my pictures inexplicably disappeared.  

Bo has already spent hours trying to figure it no avail.

As of now, in the midst of the holidays, our move, getting settled, finding new yoga studios, we simply don't have the time or energy to devote to addressing this issue.  

Therefore, it is a with a heavy heart that, I have decided to put the ABC blog on hold.  

I may choose to return to it in the future when I have both the time and energy to dedicate to it.  
Until then, I will keep in other ways.

Ally and Bo

December 7, 2012

Moving Scenes and Makin' Pepper Jelly with Mom


I know it's been a couple of weeks - and yes, our computer is still packed up on a truck and headed to Whidbey - but I'm writing this post from my NEW LAPTOP!  Bo found a great deal for it on Black Friday; and now that it is all set up and ready to use, I figured a blog post was the perfect inaugural project!

First things first, 

Dining Room and Living Room

Living Room



Guest Bedroom

Poor little Lola girl had to stay either outside - or in her crate - throughout packing/moving day(s).  She was a little sad, as you can see; but she didn't whine or bark once.
Truth be told, I think she was just a little depressed that she wasn't able to make any new friends!

We arrived safely in Springville, AL on November 30 (my mom, step-dad, and step-brothers all live there).  Whenever my mom and I are together, we try our best to make the most of our time.  This time, one of the first things on our "to-do" list was to make H-O-T pepper jelly.  So, bright and early on December 1st we woke up and got to work!

First, I had to dissolve the sugar into the vinegar.

Second, we had to chop the H-O-T peppers.

Lola, of course, fulfilled her role as kitchen supervisor! ;)

Me, stirring and...stirring and...stirring and...

Look at all those beautiful colors after dumping in the pepper and carrots.

Although she wouldn't let me take a face-shot of her (supposedly because she had no make-up on and hadn't fixed her hair), I assure you that my mother WAS in the kitchen.  
Here's the evidence!

Then Lola proceeded to lay on mom's foot while she stirred the jelly mixture.
It's a good thing she's cute because she sure can get in the way!

When I stepped outside with Lola for a walk, this is the sky that greeted me.

Alabama really is the land of the beautiful.

In the end, mom and I made six beautiful - and S-P-I-C-Y - jars of deliciousness.  Spread a little cream cheese onto a cracker and "Wha-la!," you have YUMM-O in appetizer form.

They are simply divine.

Question of the Day:

Have you ever eaten pepper jelly?!  If so, did you eat the green or the red kind?  What did you think?  Did you like it?!

Ally and Bo

November 21, 2012


Just a heads up to all you lovely posts will be quite erratic over the next six weeks. Between Thanksgiving travel, packing up our house in Jacksonville, moving (literally) all the way across the country, and getting settled in Whidbey Island, WA, the next six weeks are going to be C-R-A-Z-Y, CRAZY!  

(Not to mention, our computer will be packed (along with almost everything else), and finding a computer to blog on at either my Mom's, Dad's, or in-law's might be a little tricky.)

Regardless, please...pretty please...with a cherry on top...STICK AROUND! By the time the new year arrives, I will be setting up to blog regularly again from our new home. I am sure that I will have LOTS of adventures to share with you, along with loads of new recipes and posts from our new home!

Wherever you are this holiday season, may your days be overflowing with love and laughter.
May you be surrounded by family and friends.
May you cherish every precious moment that you are given.

Until next time!

Ally and Bo