October 2, 2012


Well, we've been on pins and needles for the past three weeks, and today the wait was FINALLY over.  

Today, we were told that we will be moving to...

...drum roll please...



As you can see on the map above, Whidbey is about an hour and a half from Seattle, and about an hour south of Vancouver, Canada.  From all the pictures I have seen, it looks GORGEOUS.  I can't wait to experience the cooler weather and an actual. winter. season.!

I definitely see lots of skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and lots of outdoor activities in our future, not to mention many a Canadian adventure!


It's also exciting because Whidbey will be our our first permanent duty station, meaning that we will be stationed there for approximately three years (the longest that Bo and I have lived somewhere since we got married)!  During that time, Bo will complete his first (and possibly second) deployment, and we will probably try to expand the Behne clan.

Whatever happens, we are looking forward to it!  



In other "changing" news, Yoga Life Studio (where I am a Business Partner and Co-Director) is closing this Friday.

Although it is hard to let the studio go, a variety of things factored into Sara's (the owner's) final decision to close - a tough economy and growing lease fees among them.  Perhaps most importantly, the owner's son has autism and (understandable and rightfully so) needs her undivided attention, energy, and love.  I think that Sara said in best in her farewell letter to the community:

After prayerful consideration, I have decided to close Yoga Life Studio on Friday, October 5th.  

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to every student who has walked through our doors and shared their life, energy and breath with me.  You have inspired me, changed me, lifted my soul and transformed me in so many countless ways.  I truly enjoyed being your guide and mentor on the path of yoga.  I am eternally grateful to my students who understood the challenges we faced this year, and supported me with their presence on the mat, a kind word of encouragement, a hug, and so much more.  

When you come to that place where you know you cannot do it alone...it's actually the sweetest place to be.  
Only then you really see how God works in your life.  I saw God working in so many of you this year and I will never forget our time together.

So, as I conclude this post I am reminded that there are times to let go, and there are times to move forward.
Today was a time for both.
As they say, "when one door closes..."

Question of the Day:

Have you ever made a BIG move to a new city/state/part of the country?  Tell me all about your experience below!  We need all the advice we can get...

Ally and Bo

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