Greeatings! We are Ally and Bo of The Ally and Bo Chronicles (the ABC blog) and we are happy you have found us! We hope you will get comfortable and stay for a while. Or, at the very least, check out some of the most popular posts on our blog before you leave!

About Ally - "A"

Born in 1984, I was raised in the "Heart of Dixie" (otherwise known as Sweet Home Alabama).  As a child, I grew up watching SEC football, dancing five days a week, and eating fruit and vegetables from our family garden.  100% of my family continues to reside in Alabama, and I go back frequently to visit. 

In 2008, I got engaged to the love of my life Bo, and graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. Life was wonderful, or so it seemed…

In spite of these celebratory milestones, I was battling ED – my not-so-endearing-term for my Eating Disorder. ED had been the number one man in my life for over a decade, and although I tried, I couldn’t seem to shake him. As a result, I couldn’t fully enjoy the numerous achievements in my life. Even more frustrating, I couldn’t seem to escape from the vicious cycle.

2008-2009 were my rock-bottom years. They were filled with heartbreak, emotional and physical disintegration, and full-on war against ED. In The Ally and Bo Chronicles I share my experiences in a happier, healthier life. Through ABC, I hope to inspire you by proving that self-love and heath-living are attainable…and are just around the corner!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, with a minor in Political Science, as well as a Master’s in Education in policy and curriculum development. During my career as a student, and then later as a policy analyst, I completed an undergraduate thesis, a Master’s thesis, and countless research studies/articles. If you couldn’t tell already, I really enjoy writing – especially when it is on my own terms!

In 2008, after graduating with my M. Ed., I was offered a job in the education policy field. As a P-20 analyst, and then later as a legislative policy analyst, I performed in-depth research and even had the opportunity to write new legislation. Although I exelled professionally, I realized that research did not fulfill me like I had anticipated. So, in 2011, just two months before Bo and I's wedding, I left my career as an education policy analyst and pursued my yoga teacher certification. Surprisingly, the decision wasn’t a hard one. I knew that I was doing the right thing for me, and almost instantly, I felt less stressed and more at peace. If any decision makes you feel like that, you probably know it was the right one!  I am now a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certified through the Yoga Alliance.

One thing I have come to realize is that it is possible to lead a healthy lifestyle. Although I battled against ED and a poor body image for over a decade, in ABC I share the other side of the journey...one that is filled with peace and self-acceptance. Enjoy!

About Bo - "B"

Hello Everyone! I'm Bo, or the "B" in our ABC blog. I'm originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and still love to visit when I can. In May 2011 the love of my life and I were married in a beautiful wedding back home. Prior to the wedding, Ally and I had dated for close to five years much of which was spent on the east coast (which was a great experience for a Southwest kid).

I made my journey out to Annapolis, Maryland in 2006 to attend the United States Naval Academy to fufill my dream of becoming a naval aviator. In May 2010 I graduated the Academy with a Bachlors of Science in Political Science and commissioned into the U.S. Navy as an Ensign. Even more exciting was the fact that I had attained a pilot slot and shortly after graduation made my way to Pensacola, Florida- "The Cradle of Naval Aviation" to begin my pilot training. Ally and I are currently stationed at NAS Jacksonville where I am training with a Flight Readiness Squadron (FRS), the last stop on my way to becoming a P-3 or P-8 pilot.

Over the past six years Ally and I have shared so much life together, including times of great joy as well as times of great difficulty. We are so blessed and grateful for all the love and support we have recieved along the way. Through this blog we hope to share our life's jouney with the Navy, have a little fun, and share some of Ally's great cooking!

Random Tidbits about "A" and "B"


"A" - yoga 7 days a week, and walking 2-3 miles outside or on the treadmill 2-4 days a week

"B" - weightlifting 5 days a week, random sports, and yoga with the wife

For fun:

"A" - reading, coloring, baking, walking, Integral Yoga hatha, all-things fashion, nutrition, and pop culture/entertainment news (aka. celebrity gossip)

"B" - movies, spending time with friends, watching football, playing tennis, and the occassional Playstation 3


"A" - gargantuan salads, fruit, oatmeal (preferably cold), freshly baked goods right out of the oven, all-things yoga, hot chocolate, and (it almost goes without saying) Bo :)

"B" - anything with blue cheese, the Dallas Cowboys, a good beer, and of course, Mi Amor Ally

Pet: TBD...check back in a couple of months!

Favorite TV shows:

"A" - Big Bang Theory, What Not to Wear, EVERYTHING – and yes, I mean everything – on the Cooking Channel, Univision telenovelas (hey, it helps me keep up with my Spanish! hehehe)

"B" - Always Sunny in Philidelphia, Game of Thrones, Entourage, and Workaholics

Married: May 28, 2011

Questions and/or comments?  Email us: allyandbochronicles@gmail.com

Blessings to you for making it all the way to the end!
Ally and Bo