October 27, 2012

Odds & Ends (& Something EXCITING!)

First things first, I apologize for being away from the blog for the last few days.  Things - somewhat unexpectedly - got a little crazy around here.  I ended up substituting for five different yoga classes this week, Bo was busy flying, and lots of other exciting things happened too...which, of course, is what this post it all about.  So, let's get to it!

1.  We FINALLY received orders!  

For those of you that aren't familiar with military lingo, orders are the official paperwork that tells you when you will be detaching from your current base, and when you are required to report to your new base.  Thankfully for us, we got lucky!  We will be detaching from Jacksonville, FL at the very end of November, and will have to report in Whidbey Island, WA sometime in December.  Our plan is to spend the month of December visiting family and enjoying the holiday season.  Then we will jet on up to Whidbey before the end of the year!  Truthfully, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect situation.  Once again, we are blessed.

2.  I recently discovered the cutest little health food store - what I would call a "local gem" - in none other than small-town Orange Park, FL.

For the past nine months, here I have been thinking that Orange Park had nothing of the sort; and then, the other day before yoga class, I overheard one of my fellow practitioners saying that she works in a health food store right down the street.

Seriously, how did I miss this?!

Anywho, I decided to swing by and check it out.  It was amazing!  Stocked to the brim with local produce, whole grains, vegan/vegetarian fare, and herbal remedies.  Now THIS is my kind of store!  I only wish my mom or friend Paige were here to go with me...they both love this sort of place.

Wall-to-wall grains, cake mixes, and cereal!

Organic and/or local beauty products...if only they weren't so expensive.

(By the way, the Endangered Species is my absolute favorite brand of chocolate.  The best bar - in my opinion - is the 80% cocoa one.  But the 72% Dark Chocolate with Blueberries is a close second.  

Almond/hemp/rice/oat milks and protein powders.

3.  We bought me a NEW CAR!

We are now the proud owners of a 2007 Honda CRV!  We got a great price on the car, and it has less than 50,000 miles on it.  It also has leather seats, cruise control (a HUGE update for me), heated seats, all-wheel drive (which, was a MUST for Whidbey), an Ipod dock, and much, much more.  Needless to say, I am THRILLED!

4.  My hair keeps on growin'!

I am hoping that by my birthday at the beginning of the new year it will officially be back down to my shoulders.  For the longest time I felt like my hair was growing at a snail's pace, but now when I compare pictures from my last birthday to now, I am amazed at how much it has grown.  If you don't believe me, see for yourself below!

January 8, 2012
October 27, 2012

I feel like it will DEFINITELY be back down to my shoulders by the time I hit the big 2-9!

Question of the Day:

Are there any "local gems" where you live?  If so, what are they?  Do you visit them often?  What makes these places special enough to call them a "local gem"?!

Ally and Bo


  1. Gosh gosh...so many things in this post I don't know where to begin...being OCD I will just be sequential...First So Happy for your orders, and although it is very far away, I can't wait to visit...I'll start saving now! I've googled Widby it looks gorgeous!!! The health food store looks like so much fun. I've decided in my retirement[when I don't know], running a health food store like this would be super fun...and especially providing a place for local produce and goods...This year for Christmas I am going to as much as possible by from local vendors [Like the 'old Farts Farm' just around the corner from my house. ...Your car looks great and only 50,000 miles...you will love it for many years to come...lastly...My oh my before long we'll be calling you raphunzel....But You always look radiant to me no matter how long your hair is!!!Love

    1. You better start saving, Mom! I hope that we can still find a way to have you visit 3-4 times a year.

      As for you running a health food store, I think that is an AMAZING idea! You would be so good at it. Who knows, maybe one day we can be business associates. ;)

      I look forward to seeing you in about a week and a half...it's going to be a wonderful Mother/Daughter trip!