January 8, 2012

I'm 28!

In the big scheme of things, today's post will be a shorter one. 

Why is that, you might ask?! 

Well, today is my 28th birthday and I want to spend the majority of it away from the computer, with my hubby, doing whatever it is that we decide to do to celebrate! 

Actually, our big celebration was last night.  Since my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we decided to have a nice dinner out with friends on Saturday night.  A sweet yoga friend of mine had suggested Vietnam Restaurant, and even went as far to say that she thought it was the nicest restaurant in Corpus Christi.  Well, I have to say, her suggestion was spot on!  Everyone that came to my birthday dinner was pleasantly surprised by the New Age Asian cuisine and the elegant ambiance.

I bought a cute new dress for the occasion (what's new?!), and was excited to show it off!

Bo didn't look too shabby either!  He cleans up pretty nicely, huh?! I'm such a lucky lady to call him my handsome husband.

Several of our closest friends also joined us for the evening!  You may even recognize some of these faces from previous posts.  We have been very blessed with amazing friends here in Corpus Christi.  Thankfully, many of these friends are also a part of the P-3 community, so our paths will inevitably cross in the future as well!

Dan and Danielle

Andrew, Bethany, and Everett (sorry for the crappy picture quality)

Me, Colbi, Danielle, and Bethany

Although the food at Vietnam Restaurant was outstanding, and I received a few cool gifts (i.e. a hand-crocheted pot holder, a free Mary Kay lip gloss, a smoothie, and a new book), the highlight of my birthday dinner, as cheesy as this may sound, was being with great friends.  I mean it when I say it was the most appreciated and important gift of all.  I feel so blessed to count such beautiful people, inside and out, as my close friends.

In just a couple of weeks the United States Navy will begin to break our little group apart.  Andrew, Bethany, and Everett are heading to Jacksonville, FL at the end of the month.  Although Bo and I aren't sure exactly what the future holds for us, we do know that these friendships will last a lifetime.  Regardless of where the Navy may or may not take us in the future, we are thankful for the priceless moments that we have with our friends here, in the golden present.

Up next - a yoga post on the basics!

Question of the Day:

Do you remember your 28th birthday?!  If you aren't 28 yet, what is your most memorable birthday?

Ally and Bo


  1. Oh Yes I remember my 28th Birthday...I was expecting ...YOU.... I was 5 1/2 months along...Still dancing...and feeling Great

  2. Here's hoping 28 will be just as wonderful for me, Mom! So far, my late 20's have been my favorite!

  3. We had so much fun! Glad you liked your hot pad. ;)

  4. And I'm glad you liked Vietnamese food, Bethany :) It was a good night for everyone in attendance!