October 28, 2012

Halloween Fun

Yesterday, Bo and I started celebrating Halloween a couple of days nights early by carving pumpkins with friends!  Believe it or not, this was my very first time to carve a pumpkin; so I was pretty excited about it.  Even though I cook all the time, I'm not really all that skilled at handling knives.  I've cut myself MANY more times than I would like to admit.  Regardless, I figured that Bo and I could tag-team our efforts and end up with a beautifully carved pumpkin...and all ten of our fingers in tact.  Thankfully, I was right!

Our friends Bethany and Andrew hosted the pumpkin-carving-shindig, and being the wonderful hosts that they are, everything down to the libations was Halloween themed.  I don't think that I would ever think of details like this, but they really do take a party from your average-holiday-get-together to something-really-memorable.

Details matter.
Note taken.

I also meant to capture a picture of the candy popcorn Bethany made, but it was all eaten by the time I got around to it.  I think she got her inspiration from Pinterest, and it was something like this.  


Once everyone had a drink and a few handfuls of popcorn, the pumpkin carving real fun began!

I was in charge of cutting the top off; and once I successfully did that, I handed it over to Bo for the dirty work (i.e. scooping out the pumpkin guts)!

Then we all started carving!  
Sidenote: In honor of my upcoming trip to Boston to visit my friend Colbi, AND to see the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, I found a template for a werewolf (I've always been Team Edward - not Team Jacob - but the templates for Edward and Bella were simply way too advanced for first-time carvers such as myself).

Mid-carving photo-op!
(Can you tell I was hot?!  My face was as red as a cherry!)

Almost done...


Bo and I were both really pleased with the final result.  
Our handiwork was pretty good - much better than expected - if I do say so myself.

All of our friends did amazing jobs too...we are one talented bunch!
By the end of the night, we had some pretty awesome pumpkins to display!


What does a werewolf + a Boo! + a kittie cat + and one grumpy pumpkin equal (=)?
Why one awesome night of FUN, of course!

Happy Halloween week everyone!

Question of the Day:

What do you do to celebrate Halloween?!  Do you dress up?  Go trick-or-treat-ing?  Carve jak-o-lanterns?  Watch scary movies?  Whatever it is, I would love to hear all about it in the "Comment" section below!

Ally and Bo


  1. http://shewearsmanyhats.com/2012/02/party-popcorn/ :)

    So so glad you and Bo could make it! We enjoyed slicing and dicing pumpkins with you so very much! You're a natural! ;) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the link Bethany...I think I might make some Christmas Party Popcorn for my family! :)

  2. What a Great Idea for a party. I think you and Bo's was the best!!!

    1. Thanks, Mom! We had a lot of fun carving it...maybe it will become a Halloween tradition for us.