December 30, 2011

Coloring 2.0

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a professional colorer. 

I know that may sound silly and juvenile, but I am as serious as one can be about an artistic hobby.  Coloring is my art form.  So in that sense, I suppose you could call me a "sort-of-artist" (I say "sort-of artist" because I don't sell my work or consider it my full-time job.  It's just something I do in my spare time)

I find coloring to be creative, calming, and meditative.  It is the perfect stress-relief tool because while I am doing it I am not thinking about anything outside of the project at hand; and after hours of detailed work, I have a beautifully colored piece to show for all my time and effort.

Since mid-October I have colored eleven more mandalas.  As I explained in my original coloring post, the word mandala originates from Sanskrit and means "circle."  Mandalas represent wholeness; and personally speaking, remind me of my relationship to God.  It's interesting to realize that mandalas are around us all of the time in the form of the earth, sun, moon, and our conceptual circles of friends, family, and community.  Currently, Bo and I have hung a grouping of 16 of my colored mandalas as a headboard.  Now that I have completed eleven additional mandalas, Bo and I are trying to decide how we can display them in a unique way that will not make our house seem like the "mandala house"!  After all, there is a limit to all good things...even colored mandalas...

Here is a closer look at my newest creations:

Note: Bo has proclaimed himself the official "Coloring Naming Director." hubby's just a little weird sometimes (that's why we go together so well!).

#1 - Star Flower

#2 - The Triangle Dance

#3 - Pretty in Pink

#4 - Shalom

#5 - From Darkness to Light

#6 - Thai Lotus

#7 - Cathedral Ceiling

#8 - Aztec Christmas

#9 - Ring Around the Rosie

#10 - Hands Adjoined

#11 - Octopus Eyes

So there you have it...all my lovely new mandalas! 

Just so you know, I don't always color mandalas.  In fact, I received a new adult coloring book for Christmas.  It is filled with intricate drawings of nature.  I actually colored one yesterday, but it is going to be a gift for my step-mother (and therefore, just in case she is reading, I can't share it with you on the blog).  Regardless, look for an upcoming post about those colorings in the next few months!

Up next -   a traditional (vegan) chicken finger basket (complete with homemade sweet potato fries and homemade honey mustard sauce!)  Yum-o!

Question of the Day:

Do you have any suggestions for how we can display my newest colorings?!  I would LOVE to hear your ideas!

Ally and Bo


  1. Look up decoupage supplies and place them on wood furniture or lamp shades. Great way to personalize your space!

  2. Interesting idea Emily! I will look into it :) I remember decoupage from my old teenager you have my wheels turning...

  3. This is definately a gift you eye for color/beauty...I think you should entertain the idea of creating original art pieces...exploring and expanding your gift. Sharing with others...even possibly a business may metamorph from this. Just let it take you where it will

  4. My friends at work suggest mosaics, stainglass or wallpaper design...Maybe you could put on coffee table and put glass over....or buy cheap travel coffee mugs, wrap coloring around afix it to mug some how then a protective clear plastic coating...or maybe better make coasters...Go to Michael's and see what kinda ideas are churned forth

  5. Oh one more can paint designs on pottery...plates, bowls, pots, vases....then find a friend with a kiln and burn to process. She says the colors become vibrant and exciting with the kilning process. You couls design your own 'Ally' line of elegant dishes etc.

  6. Mom, UAB Friends, and Anjela:

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I particularly like the idea of placing my work on a coffee table and putting glass over it! Coasters might also be fun...although I think I will need to complete some smaller scale pieces for that to work best. I also LOVE the idea of burning the colors and designs into dishes. I will have to look into that...

    For now, once we get a larger home and have room for additional furniture, I will look for a table with a glass top that we can do something with.

    Thanks again! I love getting these ideas from others because I would never come up with them on my own.

    I hope to see you all back on the ABC blog soon :)