December 11, 2011

Tacky Christmas Outfit Party

As most of you know, my husband is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy (USNA). After Navy beat Army for the TENTH year in a row yesterday afternoon (!), Bo and I were ready to party!  After all, a decade of dominance is nothing to go uncelebrated.  Lucky for us, close friends of ours were hosting a "Tacky Christmas Outfit" party!

On Thursday afternoon, after raiding our own closets and coming up with nothing, Bo and I realized that we would have to go scavenging for suitable "tacky Christmas outfits" for this sure-to-be-fancy-soiree.  First we tried the Goodwill...and found nothing.  Then we decided to visit the next tackiest place we could think of...Wal-mart!  And whaddya know?!  We found an abundance of choices. 

Ultimately I chose a men's 3X t-shirt, and styled it up in my own unique way...

Bo, on the other hand, went a little on the drag queen side of things choosing a woman's 2X nightgown topped with a Santa hat.  His military boots topped off the look...

Yeah...that's my handsome hubby right there... :)

Our wonderful hosts, the Erwin's, planned the perfect holiday party for the dozen (or so) of us that were there!

There were holiday treats:

Tasty libations (courtesy of our in-house bartender, Mrs. Lee!):

and kits for a gingerbread house contest later in the evening! (Much more of that to come a little later in this post.)

Bo and I had so much fun!  Can you tell?! hehehe...

Little Everett had a great time too! He's such a party animal. :)

The highlight of the party was the Couple's Gingerbread House-Building Contest (and yes, that is the event's official name!).  Each couple had between 40-45 minutes to build their masterpiece, and this competition was no joke!  Each couple claimed their working space, formulated a plan, and got to work.  45 minutes later, there was...

...ONE huge mess...

...and five gingerbread houses!  Here's what everyone came up with:

  • House #1: "Let it Snow!" by Mr. and Mrs. Lee

  • House #2: "Ollie the Hedgehog's House" by Mr. and Mrs. Erwin

  • House #3: "Candy Cottage" by Mr. and Mrs. Behne

  • House #4: "House of Gingermen Wrestling" by Mr. and Mrs. Baker

  • House #5: "Memories of the 9th Ward" by Mr. and Mrs. I-Don't-Know-Their-Last-Name (and don't want to put their first names on the blog)

The tough decision came after we had all finished our houses.  We knew that none of us could be impartial in choosing the contest winner.  So...what to do?!

Why, enlist a hedgehog of course!!!


I'm 100% serious.

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin have a pet hedgehog names Ollie.  We figured that Ollie might be willing to help us out in our time of need.  So, we put her on the judging table, and let her get to work!

At first it seemed like she might have been partial to the "House of Gingermen Wrestling."

But in the end it was meant to be because she chose "Ollie the Hedgehog's House!"  Just look at her all snuggled into her new, humble abode!

I promise you...she just walked right in!

Bo and I had such a blast at the party!  It was filled with yummy food, drinks, friends, laughter, and a hedgehog!  What more could we have possibly asked for this Christmas season?! :)

It's just a couple days until I can say "12 days 'til Christmas"!

Question of the Day:

Have you been to any Christmas parties this year?  If so, I would love to hear more about them!

Ally and Bo

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