July 27, 2012

Chocolate-Covered Katie's Cookie Dough Dip

Sorry to be a little MIA this week.  The studio that I run - Yoga Life - is right near the tail-end of a total website overall.  As such, I have been very busy collaborating with the web designer, creating web content, and learning the strange computer programming based language of HTML.

Needless to say, my brain has been a little bit drained fried the past few days!

Thankfully, Bo and I are heading over to a friend's house tonight for an "Olympic Opening Ceremony" party.  The hosts will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, while the guests have all been asked to bring a dip.

Now, being the New Mexican resident that I am (Yes, even though we move all the time we are still NM residents!), when you say "dip" the first few things that pop into my mind are guacamole, bean dip, and salsa.  Unfortunately, both guacamole and bean dip had already been claimed by other party-goers.  And since I figured salsa might be a little overkill, I decided to check out a few of my other favorite bloggers to see what ideas that might have.

Enter: Chocolate-Covered Katie to the rescue!

After reviewing several of Katie's recipes, I quickly decided upon her "Healthy Cookie Dough Dip."  Truth be told, I figured that any recipe that has over 1,000 comments must be delicious...not to mention, reader (and eater) approved!

It took be less than 5 minutes to whip this dip together, and I would be lying if I said I haven't been dipping my greedy little fingers in it all afternoon long.  I am going to pick up some graham crackers to go along with it.  I think the crunch of the crackers and the creaminess of the dip will work great together!

Now, I'm off to teach an "All Levels Flow" class at Yoga Life, and then over to the friends' house to kick off the summer Olympics!

Next time - a smoothie recipe that is refreshing and cool for those hot and humid summer days!

Question(S) of the Day:

Are you going to watch the opening ceremony to the Olympics?!
What is your favorite dip recipe?

Ally and Bo

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