July 1, 2012

Our New Bed!

Ever since we got married, Bo and I have been sleeping on a Queen-size, pillow top mattress that was purchased from Craigslist for under $100 (that was for the set - mattress, box-springs, and bed frame - mind you).  When we originally purchased the bed from Craigslist, we had no way of knowing how long the previous owners had been sleeping on it.  So, when it starting creaking, squeaking, and swaying every time one of us moved, we had an inkling that it had been quite a while.  A few months later, when the bed started to sag in the middle - and we found ourselves sleeping as if we were the fillings of a soft taco - our dubious suspicions were confirmed...this bed was old.

Fast-forward fourteen months and you have a cranky wife who wakes up with a back-ache every morning, and a sleep-deprived pilot husband who can't sleep because his wife wakes him up every time she rolls from side-to-side in the middle of the night in an effort to dissipate her back pain.


So, on Thursday, Bo and I officially took the plunge on our first BIG adult purchase: 
a King-size, memory foam, mattress!  

After testing-driving over a dozen different mattresses at several different stores, it was clear that we preferred King-size over Queen-size and memory-foam over pillow-top.  We were also lucky enough to get the:
  • bed-frame;
  • mattress pad,;
  • two memory-foam pillows;
  • two hypo-allergenic pillow covers; and
  • next-day delivery and set-up for FREE!

What can I say?!  

My husband is a wheeler and a dealer!

Since we upgraded to the King-size bed, we also had to get all new bedding.  First, we tried Ross.  We found a King-size quilt with two shams and decided to go for it.  It wasn't the best bedding in the world; but for the price, we were willing to go with it.

Total. fail.

Once the mattress was delivered - and we started to make the bed - we quickly realized that what Ross considered to be a King-size quilt was more like a very small Queen-size quilt.  We maybe had two inches of left-over material hanging off of each side of the bed.

Back to square one.

This time we headed to the mall...and to Dillard's specifically.

Hello July 4th sale!

We ended up finding a beautiful blue-green comforter set that included two standard shams, and a matching bedskirt.  Even better, the comforter set was on sale for 65% off PLUS an additional 30% off!  In the end, we ended up purchasing the set AND two standard size pillows (for the shams) for under $100.00.

What a steal!

Of course Lola had to try and help us make the bed...silly girl! :)

As we had hoped, last night Bo got a full night's rest, and this morning I woke up without a backache!  It's a miracle (oh wait, no it's not, actually it's just a good quality mattress).  Needless to say, we are pretty pleased with our first BIG adult purchase.  So far, it has been worth every. single. penny.

Question of the Day:

What was your first "big adult purchase"?  Was it a car?  A house? A washer and a dryer?  A refrigerator?  Tell me all about your experience in the "Comment" section below!

Ally and Bo


  1. My first big adult purchase (thus far) has been my bedroom set. I got it on Craigslist for $300 which was quite a steal for everything. Your bed is my dream bed, though! I have a feeling you two are going to sleep so much better!

    1. Oh YES, we are already sleeping so. much. better.!

      As for Craigslist, it is usually our one-stop-shop for pretty much everything home goods! Our breakfast table, washer/dryer, and computer (among other things) have all come from Craigslist...can't beat it! ;)