February 28, 2012

Life on the Carnival Magic

Today's post will be my last before our big move to Jacksonville!  While I plan to write a "farewell to Corpus Christi" post first thing in JAX (complete with pictures from my "See Ya Next Time" dinner tomorrow evening), today's post will be the last one that I actually write from our old home in south Texas.  It's hard to believe...and a little bittersweet...but I guess I should wait to write about all of that until the farewell post.

Today is all about life on the Carnival Magic!

Although we stopped at three ports during our seven-day cruise, three full days, and every morning and evening, were spent on board the massive luxury ship.  We were never bored during that time.  On the contrary, the Carnival Magic crew kept all 4,000+ passengers (including over 800 children) entertained, relaxed, and well-fed.

Here we are on the first day of the cruise, right after we stepped on board.  We were so excited to be on vacation!  I wore my nautical-striped dress just to honor the occasion. :)

The ship had twelve decks (with several others below for the engines, crew, etc.).  Decks three, four, and five were the main decks and were outfitted with bars, restaurants, shops, and a theater.  At any time of day, hundreds of people could be seen exploring these main floors.

On the first evening of the cruise, Bo and I spent the majority of the evening exploring the ship.  We were astonished to find:

  • over half a dozen restaurants;
  • a coffee shop;
  • a martini bar;
  • a karaoke bar;
  • a comedy club;
  • a nightclub;
  • dozens of shops;
  • an outdoor theater;
  • a large indoor theater; and
  • much, much, more!

On our second full day on the cruise ship, we went to an art auction.  Although we didn't bid on anything, we were amazed by the shear number of paintings available!  Who would have thought a cruise ship would have an entire art gallery for sale?!

We also spent our fair share of time in the sun.  That being said, we were always smart about how long we stayed out in the daylight...no one wants to burn on the first couple of days of their vacation!  However, we realized that travelling to the Caribbean in mid-February was very smart for a couple of reasons:

  1. The temperatures were relatively mild.
  2. There were not that many tourists around when we docked in port.

Every day, but one, of our cruise looked like this!

So we did a lot of lounging, laying out, swimming, and reading.  AAAHHHH...vacation!

During our cruise there were two "formal nights".  On each one of these evenings, women who planned to dine in the main dining room were required to wear formal/cocktail attire, while men were required to wear a suit or tuxedo.  On the first formal evening I wore a new "tropical" dress!  I thought the pattern was so much fun, and it seemed perfect for a cruise.  I had bought this dress several months back, but had been saving it for the right occasion.  I think it turned out perfect!

You can't tell from these two pictures, but my earrings are in the pattern of coral (from a coral reef).  They looked great with the design on the dress!

Bo looked pretty snazzy as well in his navy blue suit and grey dress shirt.  Together we made a handsome couple, don't you think?!

Note:  Bo wanted to take this picture here because the American flag was in the background.  I wish it would have stood out a bit more; but regardless, I think it is a nice touch.

In case you were wondering, I did my own share of lounging by the pool as well.  Bo calls this my "pin-up" pose! hahaha...

Here we are at one of the evening quiz shows.  I can't remember which one this was, but I think it was "Name That Movie Kiss."  We almost won that one!  We got 37 out of 40 questions correct...the winner got 38...bummer. :(

There was also a ropes course on the top deck of the ship.  There were beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses; and Bo chose to do the advanced course (DUH!).  On his first try, he fell right at the end.  But on this second try, he made it all the way through without faltering once!

What can I say?!  My husband is one. handsome. athlete. :)

On Friday, after visiting all three of our ports and starting our journey home, we had our final formal evening on the ship.  I wore a beaded, ivory cocktail dress that my friend Stephanie helped me to pick out.

I have to say, this dress made me feel beautiful.  

I love clothes like that...you know the ones...those that just make you feel beautiful inside and out?!  Well, this dress did just that.  Although, I must say, I don't think it hurt that I was able to re-wear my wedding earrings and bracelet as well.  Those touches made it feel extra special...

If you have never been on a cruise - GO!

  • First of all, it is the best bang for your vacation dollar, BY FAR!
  • Second, the food is outstanding!  We ate in a sit-down, formal dining room every evening for no additional charge and it was phenomenal.  The service was unparalleled and the food was delicious.  They were also very willing to make adjustments for my veganism!
  • Third, the entertainment is awesome!  Every comedy, dance, singing, and quiz show was top-notch Vegas and/or New York quality.

Here we are enjoying dessert, as well as every minute of our belated honeymoon together!

Interesting side-note:  The hot water was out on the ship that evening, so I wasn't able to take a shower.  I had to wear my hair air-dried and slightly wavy.  Who knew it would look so decent?!  I think I will have to try this hair style more often!

Our final evening on the ship was relaxed and low-key.  We enjoyed our final sit-down dinner in the dining room and went to bed early.  The ship was pretty rocky that day - all day.  You might notice that I drank a Powerade with my dinner that evening.  My tummy was pretty unsettled from the swaying, and rocking, and dipping.

I took it pretty easy that evening because I didn't want to get sick...


...like after Jamaica...

...but that's a story for another post...

As you can see, all that motion didn't phase Bo one bit...lucky dog!

Still to come from our cruise:

  • our port in Jamaica;
  • a scuba and private beach party; and
  • dancing with the cast!

See you in Jacksonville!

Question of the Day:

Are you prone to get motion sickness (i.e. in cars, planes, or boats/ships)?  If so, what do you do to prevent or improve its symptoms?

Ally and Bo


  1. So nice to have time to catch up with your posts. This is such a great way to stay in touch. I love all the pictures. By the way I think your hair was amazing!! when you just let it air dry.

    1. I agree...I am so thankful for the ABC blog for that very reason! It helps me to feel connected to my loved ones far away. My hair has been cut/colored since these pictures, but I finally feel like it is growing out a little. The little bit of length is fun to play around with!