May 11, 2012

The Player's Championship

Today Bo and I are flying to Annapolis for a close friend's wedding!  This wedding has been a long time coming, and we feel very blessed that we have the opportunity to be with Matthew and Jamie on their big day!  We are heading out of here in just a couple of hours, and in that time I need to:

  • finish packing;
  • shower and get ready;
  • take Lola to the doggy hotel;
  • get to the airport - oh, and of course;
  • write this quickie blog post!

On Wednesday, I accompanied my Business Partner, Sara, to The Players' Championship golf tournament held here in Jacksonville, FL.  Sara's husband loves the game of golf and plays pretty frequently.  According to her, they attend the tournament every year, and this year they had an extra ticket for Wednesday - the day of the last practice round before the official tournament began.  Having never been to a golf tournament before, when Sara invited me to join her I was happy to respond with a resounding, "YES!".

Obviously I don't know much about golf tournaments, but in my opinion - for a practice round - they had a pretty good turn-out!

The Players' Championship is played at the TPC Sawgrass course, and of all the golf courses I have visited in my time, this one was BY FAR the most beautiful.

Most of the time I felt like I was walking around a botanical gardens that just happened to allow people to play golf in it.  Just look at that little botanical island oasis!
P.S.  The first three pictures in this post were taken from the Benefactor's Tent where Sara and I had lunch. It was great because it was set-up right in front of the 17th hole, which for those of you who don't know is a world-renowned hole because player's t-off onto an island...and many of them end up losing their ball to the water.  It was also great because it was in the shade!

I'm wasn't sure who the majority of the professional golfers were; but regardless, we were able to get pretty darn close to several of them.   Honestly, unless it was Phil Michelson, Tiger Woods, or Bubba Watson I doubt I would know who they are...pardon my ignorance?! 

On a side-note: I love that one guy's yellow pants and teal shirt!

Gotta love the quirky golf fashion...hahaha!

There were spectators a-plenty as well.  

While some spectators seemed to really be paying careful attention to the game, the majority seemed to care more about socializing.  I guess that supports the theory that a lot of business gets accomplished on the golf course!

Me, posing in the shade.  It was SO hot! :)

Sara and I found a sweet employee to snap a picture of us in front of the playhouse.  Isn't it beautiful?!  I think it looks like a castle.

Although you can't tell as well as I had hoped in this photograph, the flowers in front of the playhouse were gorgeous too.  The color combination of white, yellow, and blue really stood out from the building and made it that's good landscape architecture!

The greens were so...well...GREEN!  

I couldn't help but snap a few pics for you to see.  My camera really didn't do it justice.  The course was truly stunning!

There were also dozen of tables and chairs set-up right outside of the playhouse for people to sit, eat, drink, and be merry!  As you can see, almost every chair was taken.

Don't forget, this was just a practice round day!

I can't imagine what the course is like once the tournament officially begins.  It must be swarming with people! With that said, I am very happy that Sara invited me to join her on the day that she did.

Hand-held face shot in front of the playhouse. :)

And finally, the fountain at the entrance of the course.

What a beautiful world we have been blessed to live in!

Next time - either an update on growing out my hair, or all about our wedding weekend in Annapolis.

Don't worry - eventually you will end up getting both of these posts...I'm just not sure which one I will want to write first!

Question of they Day:

Have you ever been to a professional sports tournament?!  If so, tell me about your experience!

Ally and Bo

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