March 12, 2012

Yucatan Excursion

I know I promised you BBQ 1/2 Chicken and Cauliflower Pizza today, but instead you are going to get one of the two final cruise posts!  Since I already had the pictures for this post edited and ready to go, I figured that I could type this post up relatively quickly, and still be able to cook dinner and get ready to teach my first class at the local yoga studio this evening...YAY!

What can I say?!  

Life is falling perfectly into place here in Jacksonville. :)

Sometime this week I plan to write a post updating you all on my journey into the yoga community here in JAX.  However, there is one exciting prospect "in the wings" that I would like to solidify before sharing everything with you all.  As a result, just keep holding your horses, and you will know all about my yoga-life here in Florida before you know it!

Now, back to the Yucatan Excursion:

Our final port stop on our honeymoon cruise was in Cozumel, Mexico.  Unlike the other ports in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, we actually scheduled an excursion that day.  Specifically, we booked the "Deluxe Sail, Snorkel, and Beach Party:"

Celebrate sea, sand, and sky on this Deluxe Snorkel, Sail, and Beach Party shore excursion.  Sail Cozumel's sparkling waters with other Carnival cruisers aboard a state-of-the-art Fury Catamaran, and snorkel off the boat in an undersea wonderland.  Hit the sugary sands of a private beach to lounge, sip refreshing drink and dance, or join in a spirited game of beach volleyball.

The weather was PERFECT for our excursion day!  The sky was crystal-clear blue, the breeze was light, the water was refreshing, and the heat was warm...but not burning hot (like Jamaica).  Approximately 50 people joined us on the catamaran, so while the vessel was full, it was not overly crowded.  We even found a few people to snap pictures for us!

A fellow excursion group cruised by us on another catamaran from the Fury fleet.  With this shot, you can get a better view of the type of vessel we were on.  The catamaran included a bar, two heads (i.e. restrooms), a small deck, and lounge chairs.  It was the perfect size for a day on the water/beach!

Speaking of the beach, here we are pausing to pose! :)

My favorite part of the excursion, by far, was the snorkeling.  Although we were in the water for almost an hour, it felt like just 10 minutes!  I think that I could have easily stayed in the water and continued to explore for another couple of hours.  The water was so beautiful, and I think we saw over 100 different kinds of fish!  It was unforgettable, and easily one of my top five memories from our trip.

I still have one more cruise post to share with you, and I saved the best for last!  Keep checking back this week for this not-to-be-missed finale!!!

Next time - you will get that BBQ 1/2 Chicken and Cauliflower Pizza recipe!

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite part of being on vacation?  Is it the food?  The relaxation?  The adventures?  The family time?  

I would love to hear from you!

Ally and Bo


  1. Family time, Sleep and of course great food!

    1. Oooo...sleep, I forgot that all-important one! :)